70 Years On

My occasional dip into the Society’s minute books has led me to the 1948-1977 volume and a note from 1948 when the committee had to allocate food parcels received from the Law Institute of Victoria in Australia. They were distributed by lot to 6 solicitors including C R B Eddowes Esq and N R Pinder Esq.

Much of the Society’s work related to non litigious matters, conveyancing scale fees and the like. Eg Minimum scale on a sale at £2000 was £33 6s 8d. Very dry I regret and not really lifted by reference to annual golf matches which were a regular item.

Remembering that rationing was still in place, these post war committees  regularly  postponed the annual dinner because of “catering difficulties” It was only on 13th October 1949 that it was resolved to revive the dinner,[ principally because the President had been invited to both Bankers and Accountants Dinners] It was decided to hold the Dinner at the Midland Hotel on the evening of the first working day of the Derby Winter Assize next February, a date chosen in the hope that the two assize Judges might attend as guests. The Dinner was held and resulted in a loss of £70 a considerable  sum for the time] “largely due to the fact that there were 18 official guests as against the planned 6”

In other notes, in September 1950 it was agreed that the Society would formally oppose a proposal to remove the County Council offices to Matlock on the grounds that it would cause inconvenience to the profession in Derby.

There are early signs of a Legal Advice and Assistance scheme run by the Society and in 1949 extended to cover Belper, but I could find only one early reference to crime;

2nd June 1949 [My grandfather D Cash in the chair] “ The secretary read a letter from Mr Palmer, the librarian, in which he reported that the drawer in which he kept the Society’s cash at 20 St Peters Churchyard had been broken into during the Easter holidays and the sum of £8 4s 9d had been stolen. The CID had made investigations but with no result. It was resolved to write off the sum stolen”

Looking forward there are going to be discussions about the proposed boundaries of the new Peak National Park and we are coming to terms with merging North Staffs into Derby Law Society.

More dusty notes in future.