This court is to close the public counter from 12 February 2018... | DDLS Issue 73

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22 January 2018

To: All Court Users in relation to all Civil Work

Dear Court User,

This court is to close the public counter from 12 February 2018 and customers will be offered appointments instead. Work has been divided into three types - urgent, routine but unavoidable and routine but avoidable. Only customers with urgent and unavoidable work will automatically be given an appointment. Staff have been issued with guidance regarding offering appointments but will take a pragmatic approach in individual circumstances. Urgent work is defined as – “An application or document(s) which meets one of the four criteria below: 1. It requires judicial intervention within 24 hours 2. It needs to be issued within 24 hours 3. It will reach limitation within 24 hours 4. The party will suffer significant detriment if it is not registered as being received at a particular time or date” Work which is considered to be urgent is listed at Annex A. Routine but unavoidable work is listed at Annex A. To book an appointment please ring the appointments line on 01332 622598 for Finance/Enforcement, and 01332 622597 for Family Appointments are allocated in 15 minute slots. Routine but avoidable work is listed at Annex A. This work will only result in the customer receiving an appointment if it is urgent or the customer cannot use the available alternatives.

Annex ‘A’ - WORK TYPES The designations given to work types below are not definitive but are a guide. Where “avoidable” work is urgent or the customer cannot use alternatives, an appointment will be given