DDLS Issue 72...

President's page

Since last writing for this bulletin, we have had a couple of very enjoyable evenings.

The first was the quiz that was very well attended and hopefully enjoyed by all including the wooden spoon winners. It was lovely to see Peter in full swing and probably enjoying himself more this year than any other in the absence of having to organise the whole event. I joined a team from Elliot Mather having been let down at the last minute with all sorts of excuses from my office. We headed into the halftime break in the lead with time to consider the picture round. That’s where the wheels fell off completely. Peters cryptic thinking definitely outsmarted us though we finished up mid-table. 

All three resident judges HHJ Shant QC, HHJ, Bennett and HHJ Egbuna from Derby Crown Court joined a small gathering of hardcore, dedicated and enthusiastic members at the Silk Mill for drinks and a bite to eat. It was a good chance to talk not only about generic issues and problems but to see the more personal side of our guests and get to know them, and them us a little more. I will be organising another social sometime next spring and encourage more of my criminal advocates to join us.

As we come to the last bulletin of the year and festive period is now upon us I wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year from all of us at DDLS. 

Simon Stevens

Partner, Eddowes Waldron