Law Costs Draftsmen - Out To Impress

People are always surprised to hear that I love my job. Apparently it’s rare to find a job you enjoy which can work around your personal life, where you feel appreciated and there is a real sense of contributing to something special.

I am the lucky one. I have it all. I have a great job, a family, I work with an amazing team of people and I am up at 2.30am writing this article to hit the deadline but I don’t mind. Seems a little crazy, right?

This year, Bidwell Henderson a firm of Law Costs Draftsmen that I part own has:

  • Recruited ten new team members
  • Moved to larger offices
  • Considered as experts in high costs cases, virtual billing and CCMS
  • Diversified in to new areas
  • Taken on our first ever trainees

It’s been nonstop. We have won awards, dealt with some of the most interesting and complex cases and saved our clients thousands of pounds but what really matters to me and my co-directors is this stream of comments on Linked In:

What may not be clear is that the comments are mostly from our own team in response to a mission statement we put out. We want to secure a future for our phenomenal team. We want to expand to provide further job opportunities for costs draftsmen who share our ethos of prioritising quality of work.

We are exceptionally lucky to work with some of the brightest, most precise and considerate costs lawyers and costs draftsmen in the country.

In reality my co-directors and I work for our team, rather than the other way around. We are responsible for their futures, providing flexibility, reducing their stress levels and bringing a bit of fun to their day.

We have grown organically through recommendations from our existing clients. We are finally at a point where we have capacity to make new relationships with firms of solicitors and we are out to impress.

We would relish any opportunity to showcase what our team can do. Do you have a problem file? We will travel to your office free of charge to meet you and resolve your most problematic costs issue.

If you would like to be impressed by a costs drafting company, you can call me directly on 03333 441 654.

Rebecca Bidwell,

Director of Bidwell Henderson Costs Consultants Ltd.